Men’s golf shirts making a difference

KEA Golf and it's community are not just about the latest trends in men's golf fashion, but also about being a positive impact. PGA HOPE is one of the charities that benefits from the sale of KEA Golf apparel through donations. Visit us today and learn why we chose this organization and how you can help.

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Who they Are

The PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere) Program is a golf program designed to offer
rehabilitation services to improve the mental, social, physical, and emotional states of Veterans across the Country by means of golf instruction. This program is offered at no cost to Veterans and allows them to attend a seven
week instructional program taught by PGA Profesionals at local golf clubs, 18 locations in North and South Carolina, with an emphasis on helping those with
physical and emotional disabilities that would most benefit from their initiatives.  Following graduation, Veterans receive a graduate card that offers them discounted golf rates at participating golf clubs as well as
discounts on apparel, equipment, and more.

Charleston Chapter

Started in 2015 at Wescott Plantation Golf Club in Summerville, SC helping 4 Veterans, this organization has since grown to 5 Lowcountry golf
courses offering their services and PGA Professionals and has graduated over 1000 Veterans. PGA HOPE Charleston is also the largest program with nearly 10%
of the total number of Veterans participating in the program nationally.​


  • It is a fact that suicide is a major issue among military Veterans, with recent statistical studies showing that 22 Veterans a day commit suicide. PGA HOPE is
    working to change this statistic.
  • Participants of PGA HOPE programs include military Veterans living with physical or
    cognitive challenges such as Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and amputees, among other challenges.
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs research and clinical experience verify that physical activity is important to maintaining good health, speeding recovery and improving overall quality of life. For many injured Veterans, adaptive sports provide their first exposure to physical activity after injury.
  • PGA HOPE programming is fully funded by PGA REACH and is NO COST for Military
  • PGA HOPE has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Department of Veterans
    Affairs, which enables Recreational Therapists to refer Veterans to the PGA HOPE program as a form of therapy.

To learn more

Veterans and Active Duty interested in participating in this program should visit their local chapter PGA  Section website. For members in the Carolinas visit the registration link below:

New Veteran 2023 PGA HOPE Carolinas Spring Registration

To Donate to this cause visit PGA REACH Carolinas at the link below: