What makes the best golf top material?

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Unveiling the Winning Combination: The Polyester/Spandex Blend in Modern Men's Golf Tops

When it comes to crafting the ultimate men's golf shirts, the choice of materials plays a pivotal role in ensuring optimal performance, comfort, and style. In recent years due to advances in technology, the blend of polyester and spandex has emerged as the dominant choice among manufacturers, setting a new standard for golf apparel. In this article, we delve into why the polyester/spandex blend is the go-to choice for crafting top-tier men's golf tops and how it elevates the game of golf enthusiasts.

The Winning Formula: Polyester and Spandex

Polyester, a versatile synthetic fabric, is celebrated for its moisture-wicking properties and durability. When blended with spandex, a stretchy synthetic fiber known for its elasticity, the result is a remarkable fabric that checks all the boxes for a superior golf shirt. Here's why this blend has become the cornerstone of men's golf apparel: 

  the best golf shirt materials prevent you from sweating through them

Moisture Management: Golf is an active sport, and perspiration is inevitable, especially during those Summer rounds! The moisture-wicking properties of polyester ensure that sweat is pulled away from the skin and quickly evaporated, keeping golfers dry and comfortable throughout their round. This is one of the biggest changes in the men's golf tops niche as it not only has allowed golfers and golf enthusiasts alike to stay cool but has also made way for Sublimation printing to push the boundaries of golf style allowing everyone to express themselves through their golf shirts.


Unrestricted Movement: Spandex's exceptional stretch and flexibility offer golfers the freedom to execute the full range of swings without feeling restricted. This elasticity is crucial for achieving the perfect swing and maintaining a comfortable fit throughout the round. Anyone who has been around golf over the last few decades knows that the cotton and cotton blended material shirts of the past have often been tight around the chest and arms, especially as the round progresses and you start to sweat, however thanks to the inclusion of spandex this is becoming a thing of the past, thankfully. customer wearing golf shirt "Spot-On Birdie" by KEA Golf while playing golf

Durability: Golf is an outdoor sport and while we would all prefer the sunny and 75 type rounds, often you endure various weather conditions, sometimes all in one round. Polyester's resistance to wear and tear, combined with the strength of spandex, ensures that the golf top maintains its shape and integrity even after repeated use and washes. How many times in the past have you had that one favorite golf shirt, you know, your go to, good mojo, scramble winning golf shirt, and as time goes on it began to fade. It is always a sad day when you retire that shirt, well not anymore, because now your polyester/spandex blend shirt will stay loud and bright, much to the dismay of our wives who think we look ridiculous.


Breathability: The breathability of the polyester/spandex blend helps to prevent overheating, which is especially important during long hours spent on the golf course. Proper ventilation enhances overall comfort and performance so you are less likely to melt while playing a six-hour round behind the world's slowest golf group who won't let you play through. 

The best golf shirt materials prevent you from sweating as much on the golf course

UV Protection: Many modern men's golf shirts incorporate UV protection to shield golfers from the sun's harmful rays during extended rounds. The polyester/spandex blend can be treated to offer additional sun protection (often UPF 50), safeguarding the skin, which is good for golfers like me who often forget to put on sunscreen, and while this is not a substitute for good skin protection it at least does help a little when we forget.


    In Conclusion, the modern golfer has enjoyed many benefits of technology, we hit the ball farther, straighter, and more precise. Often, we forget to add our golf shirts to that list. A Polyester/Spandex blend is the best material for Golf Shirts, providing us with the breathability, uninhibited range of motion, UV protection, moisture wicking, and durability that we often take for granted now thanks to the most popular new golf brands like KEA Golf Apparel. Thankfully these companies exist though, as a perfect golf shirt can bring confidence and added enjoyment to a round, and that is why we play, for enjoyment! So, the next time you are looking for a golf top and want to make sure you are getting a golf shirt that is high in both quality and function, don't forget to make sure it is a polyester/spandex blend. 

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