Swing in Style: A Hole-in-One Guide to Men's Golf Attire

Payne Stewart rocking men's golf attire like only he can

Fore! Calling all dapper duffers and stylish swingers – it's time to tee off your golf fashion game! Whether you're aiming for the perfect swing or the perfect ensemble (ideally both), nailing your look on the golf course is as essential as sinking that tricky putt. So, grab your clubs and your fashion sense, because we're about to embark on a journey through the fabulous world of men's Summer/Fall golf apparel.

1. Polos That Mean Business, and Style

Nothing says "I've got this golf thing down" like a well-fitted polo shirt. For most of us regular golfers, we will take any extra confidence available, and a great looking and feeling golf shirt can do just that. The modern trend due to technology in apparel is for moisture-wicking fabrics. They provide you the opportunity to stay cool under pressure and uninhibited range of motion. Plus, those dramatic swings won't result in unsightly sweat patches – unless you're just that enthusiastic about the game. Previously I ranked my top ten (well actually eleven) golf shirt brands, give it a read to see who I feel is worth mentioning.

2. Shorts: Keep It Cool and Comfy

Golf shorts are the unsung heroes of the fairway, and since we are not playing on the PGA Tour, wear them! Look for stretchy materials that allow for a full range of motion while also providing good air flow. If you are playing in the South during the Summer months, a darker color might also be a good play, to prevent those "swamp ass" marks from being visible. Or you can just send it and be the guy letting it all show on the tee box. 

3. Hats: Forehead Sunscreen, Fashion Forward

If any of you are like me and forget to put on sunscreen more often than not, then a golf hat is a must! Caps aren't just for shading your eyes from the sun – they're your shield against squinting (which should be reserved for reading greens) and they give you that cool suntan line across your forehead that really tells everyone "I'm a golfer". Now I am not too particular when it comes to the headwear, whether it is a snapback, a fitted, or a bucket, or maybe you really are feeling yourself and are rocking the Payne Stewart cabbie (big fan), the golf looks is not complete without one of them.

4. Shoes: Classy Kicks for Confident Swings

Golf shoes are like the foundation of a building – they might not be the flashiest part, but they keep everything steady. These days just about any company has some form of golf shoe, and not all are created equal, but I also feel like it's more of a personal preference. Really all soft spikes provide the same function, but the feeling you get from a stable base is a must for the confidence of a golfer and so test them out. Whether you are a Jordan's guy, the classic Footjoy, the sporty Puma and Under Armour, or the expensive G Fore, there is something for every type of foot, every type of budget, and every type of outfit. 

5. Socks: Say No to Fashion Faux Pas

Socks might not be the star of the show, but they sure can steal it if you're not careful. The only time your socks should be above your ankles and more than one color is if you are wearing Knickers and shooting level par or older than 50, in my opinion. Besides that, stick to the basics, less is more, and as long as they provide some protection from the wear on your skin from the golf shoe, you are good to go.

6. Layers: Unpredictable Weather, Predictable Style

Golf weather can be as unpredictable as that one random you always seem to get paired with's handicap. Always a safe bet to have a lightweight, breathable, water-proof jacket and maybe an umbrella in your golf bag at all times, just to avoid getting caught with your pants down in the middle of the golf course when the weatherman swore there was only a 5% chance of rain, but it decides to monsoons for two hours and you are forced to drive home naked because all of your clothes are soaking wet. Just saying. 

7. Golf Belts: More Than a Waist Accessory

Belts are more than just a way to keep your pants up – they're an opportunity to show off your personality. From sleek leather to funky fabrics, let your belt be your statement piece, except a white belt, i'm not going to say it makes you look like an a-hole but someone will. Just make sure your choice doesn't distract your playing partners when you're lining up that putt, unless you are all playing for money, in which case distract away. 

Remember, on the golf course, the aim is to impress with both your swing and your style, and for 99% of golfers who don't have an impressive swing it is the only opportunity we have to shine. So, keep it classy, comfortable, and just a touch of quirky. After all, if you can't have a little fun with your golf apparel, you might as well be playing mini-golf.

So there you have it, a birdie's-eye view of the wonderful world of men's golf apparel. With the right gear, you'll be swinging in style and turning heads faster than you can say "Breakfast Ball!" Now, go forth, conquer the course, and remember: It's not just a game; it's a fashion statement.

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